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"If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development."
~ Kenneth Kaye

Book Review: Workplace Wars and How to End Them

By Kenneth Kaye

Are turf wars ruining your workplace? Then you may want to pick up Kaye's book. In fact, it makes a great companion-read to Patrick Lencioni's Silos Politics & Turf Wars, because where Lencioni's book ably illuminates the issues, Workplace Wars lists tactics and examples for how to address them.

Kenneth Kaye's background in therapy and counseling is evident throughout the book as he supplies the reader with good insights into why conflict exists.

Throughout the book, Kaye provides authentic examples of the types of conflicts present in work places and focuses the reader on learning how to present ideas and observations so that effective dialogue is established and participants are better able to assume responsibility for creating and maintaining effective relationships at work.

The Appendix coaches readers on how to engage in "active listening," a skill that is essential for reducing conflict at work. Mr. Kaye helps the reader begin to focus on desired outcomes or goals rather than on difficult behaviors.

A real strength of the book is the author's inclusion of various techniques for helping members of work groups examine difficult issues or behaviors such as "springing the finger trap" or using "unilateral disarmament." Anyone committed to being a change agent in his/her organization will use the information in this book just about every day and be tempted to carry it around in a purse or pocket.

* Reprinted from Amazon reviews.

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