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Marketing Firm Builds Stronger Team Rapport

The Need

The Global Brand Practice Team asked us to work with them to create a day-long experiential learning program. They wanted to address building a better understanding of the team’s individual preferences while increasing their ability to assemble quickly and perform for clients. They considered this an opportunity to practice sharing resources, a skill that needed to be maximized. Our client wanted us to use an outdoor venue for at least half of the day.

The Adventure Associates Process

After conducting interviews with key team members, we moved forward to design a combination Myers-Briggs Type Indicator session with a half-day Pursuit program.

The MBTI instrument was distributed in advance to team members and completed electronically. We began the day with a condensed MBTI session to review the composite team type and to help the group better understand each person’s unique preferences. We then traveled to a nearby ranch for Pursuit. We customized the program to encourage collaboration and the sharing of best practices while increasing the understanding of individual preferences.

In addition, team members were transferred from one team to another to simulate this group’s constant challenge of receiving and losing team members on project teams.The final group debrief was co-facilitated by AAI and the internal trainer to create action steps for improvement.


All teams contributed to an electronic version of Learning and Commitments that is being used to address accountability for increased team effectiveness.