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Venture Capital Company Improves Senior Administration Team's Relationships

The Need

The senior administrative team from a large venture capital company was facing challenges with communication and interpersonal conflict. Though their jobs do not require them to interact as one large team, the need to work closely on a one-to-one basis and share resources is imperative to the success of the company.

The Adventure Associates Process

After assessing the needs of the group, we were able to determine the most effective use of the limited time available for the workshop. Distribution of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to the group members prior to the workshop created more workshop time for discussing applications.

After each individual determined their best-fit type, the AAI facilitator then identified differing communication and decision-making styles and how each preference reacts to stress. The facilitator then presented the team with some interactive problem-solving initiatives which highlighted the very challenges the team faced on the job.

Using their new knowledge of the MBTI, they were able to identify behaviors that blocked effective interaction. The team then created intentions and techniques for implementation back in the workplace.


After having addressed the issues of conflict, stress and communication as a group, the team was better equipped to deal with situations as they arose in the workplace. Using the information gathered from the MBTI and references to the problem-solving challenges at the workshop, the individuals were able to come to consensus on previously unresolved issues. Committing to their intentions initiated first steps toward a more productive and pleasant working atmosphere for the administration team and the rest of the organization.