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The Value of Breakthrough Trek

Once you have clearly defined the purpose for your meeting or retreat and are selecting the appropriate conference center or resort, consider an area where a Breakthrough Trek can be included as a valuable program feature.

The combination of an outdoor setting and physical activity stimulates meaningful discussion, followed by the creation of action steps. The value of using a hike as the approach for development is both physiological and intellectual. Many people find that their best thinking happens while participating in a physical activity. By bringing a work team together for this, we maximize the outcome from the thinking stage and guide the group through their ideas to action planning.

Executive Teams have found the Breakthrough Trek to be a highly effective experiential learning activity to augment facilitated meetings as part of their corporate retreat. If it is carefully planned, this fairly low impact exercise produces high impact results.

Whether you are looking to build team relationships, generate new customer service opportunities or begin designing new products, consider the Breakthrough Trek with Adventure Associates as an exciting and valuable approach.