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Thriving on Change

From the CEO to the newest employee, the people in your organization know that they cannot hide from change. And yet, human beings naturally resist change. The mere prospect of upheaval can sap a person’s confidence and ignite many latent fears. Thriving on Change helps people prepare for and thrive during mergers, corporate re-organizations or growth spurts.

Participants gain an understanding of the process and their role in it, whether they’re initiating the change, managing the implementation, or simply living through the disruption. We impart valuable tools for handling the vast array of challenges that arise because change impacts leadership styles, communication patterns, time and resource management and customer service.

Whether your group experiences the two-day workshop or chooses a series of integrated sessions, they will understand the cycles of change and their role in it, recognize and adapt to the emotional cycles associated with change and learn effective strategies and skills for navigating these transitions.