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The Huddle

Aligning priorities and avoiding scheduling conflicts can be difficult. Many of our clients use the Huddle, a quick meeting held every morning 5 minutes after the last team member arrives.

Go around the circle to find out how everyone is doing, and what is urgent and important that day. The Huddle is great way to get on the same page with all team members and determine if any priorities must be changed, ensuring that the collective urgent and important goals will be met each day.

The following guidelines are essential:

  • Stand up during the huddle to keep it short.
  • Allow about 60 seconds per team member.
  • Avoid going into detail about any topic, especially if it is primarily an issue between just two or three team members.
  • Encourage each team member to attend with his or her day planner or calendar.
  • Works best with a team of 6-10.