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The Need for Needs Assessments

When investing in your team's development, do not pass up the opportunity to utilize a well designed, Comprehensive Team Needs Assessment.

As the main contact (team manager, internal trainer, HR representative) for the group, you may know much about the team's history, makeup and needs. This knowledge is important for your workshop facilitator, but may be more valuable when combined with the results of a needs assessment completed by all team members.

A well-designed assessment tool provides the opportunity for individuals to respond confidentially to key questions. Team members may not be of one mind about some of the key issues so the assessment can summarize team needs in a way that can be analyzed by the consultant and discussed with the contact person before being presented at the workshop.

A Comprehensive Team Needs Assessment addresses the desires and requirements of the individual, the team and the organization. It also presents the opportunity for rating a few different areas such as foundations for success, work environment, working together and reflecting on success.

Adventure Associates will create and facilitate your program to first enable your group to reaffirm their greatest needs from their collective input, set goals with your group for improvement, and then lead the effort to work on the desired outcomes.