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Communication Skills: Great Speech!

This fun and energizing program can be customized to highlight key initiatives or challenges that face your organization.

Great Speech! is designed especially for smaller groups who are looking for an activity that complements retreats or meetings. Topics that are often highlighted include working on change, how to develop teamwork skills, staying motivated in tough times or fortifying company/client teams.

In addition to the inherent team building that occurs, teams of 3-5 employ their creativity to develop their 3 – 5 minute speech. Along the way, they get to know each other on a new level by integrating personal bootstrap stories and having fun creating audience participation components.

Imagine having the opportunity to garner several team members’ personal experiences in succeeding with changes as motivation for your team to do the same with new company initiatives. Or, what if you were able to learn more about a client from their Great Speech! rather than through traditional means?

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