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Active Learning Processes

As the name suggests, Active Learning is a method in which participants "learn by doing." We're much more likely to recall information and lessons later and apply that knowledge in different contexts when we engage in active learning processes.

Also known as discovery learning and experiential learning, active learning is driven by the "student" and involves working in small groups, role-playing, case studies, short written exercises and practicing team facilitation skills.

The benefit to our clients is that they learn a valuable process or method that yields benefits both in the actual workshop and upon returning to the workplace. These skills and processes are highly transferrable and can vastly improve communication, strategic planning and decision making.

Hybrid SWOT

Develop sales and marketing strategies, position your organization against competitors, capitalize on opportunities that you're best positioned to exploit and develop plans for mitigating threats in the marketplace through this fast-paced and interactive process.

Active Forum

Gain input from a large group around policies and procedures, share best practices and insights into organizational work flow, and establish systems that align the efforts of both intact work groups and cross-functional teams.

The Emissary Process

Delineate the optimum manner in which to engage other departments or divisions within your organization while providing feedback about past interactions. Developing a set of guidelines that everyone agrees to honor.

Breakthrough Trek

The value of using a hike as the approach for a brainstorming or reflection session is both physiological and intellectual. Many people find that their best thinking happens while participating in a physical activity