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Whether it’s increasing speed-to-market for new products and services, streamlining and automating systems, or maximizing technology, companies are under ever-increasing pressure to innovate or close their doors.

We’ve learned from the teams with which we’ve worked that most organizations have plenty of creative thinkers, but they don’t have a culture or systems that support, channel or capitalize on creativity.

Through our Innovation series, clients can:

  • Uncover a wealth of great untapped ideas.
  • Learn how to refine and implement those ideas.
  • Build a culture that breeds out-of-the-box thinking.

We recommend a multi-day retreat comprised from the workshops below, or completing one component per quarter:

Problem-Solving Workshop

Bad ideas can be hard to kill. Good ideas can be unduly fragile. That’s why it’s key to use a variety of problem-solving approaches in order to innovate. Our problem-solving module focuses on several team processes that will help to winnow the good solutions from the not-so-good, while gaining the necessary support to see that idea put into action.

Solutions Team Building Adventure

This fast-paced, multi-tasking adventure provides participants with the opportunity to examine customer needs, industry drivers, and how to position, market and sell new products and services.

SWOT and Action Plan Meeting

Our facilitated meeting processes help our clients analyze ideas, examine past failures, leverage successes and turn those lessons into actionable plans.