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Low Morale

There’s no bigger impact on team productivity than low team morale. The symptoms are easy to recognize:

  • low energy levels,
  • cynicism in the ranks,
  • chronic absenteeism, and
  • missed deadlines...

...but the causes are often much more complex. It’s easy to understand how down-sizing and layoffs can cause low morale on a team, but did you know that teams in wildly successful companies can also suffer from low morale?

Often it’s due to teams not having a clear charter to follow. Sometimes it’s due to individual personality conflicts. Usually, there’s a decided lack of trust among team members. Either way, we recommend the following approach to discover and counteract the sources of low morale.

Pre-Workshop Team Needs Assessment: uncover the undercurrents and determine what the team believes its issues to be.

Sample Summary and Sample Detailed Report

Team Performance Challenges or an Adventure Challenge Ropes Course to invigorate and excite the group. Fresh, novel experiences can enliven us and remind us of the importance of good interpersonal relationships. Trust is the precursor to liking one another. And teams that genuinely like one another can rebound quickly from low morale.

Annual or semi-annual morale boosters like Great Creations: Build a Bridge, Great Speech or GeoTrek keep your team members connected and excited by what they can achieve when they work together effectively.