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New Managers

Exciting opportunities and challenges abound for employees when they are promoted to management positions. However, many managers, while technically very skilled and proficient, have received little if any soft skills training. It's easy to see if your new managers are struggling:

  • they appear overwhelmed
  • they're disorganized
  • they can't delegate with confidence
  • their teams feel disconnected from the organizational flow of information

Managing interpersonal conflicts, motivating teams, making group decisions, running meetings, providing feedback to staff…these are all crucial business functions that require training and practice.

To get your new managers prepared to maximize the efforts of their teams, we recommend our Leadership Series. The twelve modules in the Leadership Series build upon each other, helping participants learn how to manage themselves, their teams, and eventually, their organizations.

Level One: Foundations of Leadership

During the Foundation of Leadership modules, we will expose you to the skills sets that everyone needs in order to be self-directed. You can be a powerful agent for change, an influencer during the adoption of a new initiative, or a model of productivity and commitment.


Level Two: Team Leadership

Your role as a leader changes once you have direct reports. To guide a team, you must learn how to facilitate group processes in order to streamline work flow, minimize interpersonal conflict and align with organizational goals. The modules of Team Leadership facilitate a shift from practicing skills to learning how to teach these skill sets to others.


Level Three: Organizational Leadership

The third tier of The AAI Leadership Series is Organizational Leadership. While the first tier focused on mastering skills, and the second tier focused on facilitating the use of those skills with teams, the top tier is about self-mastery. Know yourself. Express yourself. Control yourself. Control your interactions with others.


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