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Play for the Kids

Charity Team Building Events
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Play for the Kids

This scavenger hunt at a local mall focuses on giving back to the community by purchasing items for kids in need. Small teams of 4-5 search for specific items or participate in shopping challenges all the while collecting points. One set of challenges called Game Time may have you competing in an informal Rock, Paper, Scissors stand-off or searching out a crossword puzzle at a local bookstore and answering a sampling of across and downs. Enjoy the Keeping the Beat set of challenges in which music, bands and noise-making are prevalent. Ultimately choosing thoughtful gifts for the kids at local hospitals, shelters or community programs is what makes everyone feel like a winner.

Get, Set…Give

Get, Set…Give! tasks each small team to use GPS units to explore a city in this fun competition. Your team of 4-5 will be charged with coming up with ways to pay it forward by anonymously giving a treat, fulfilling a need or satisfying a desire. With the goal of helping those in the local community, your team has limited funds that may not be given directly to the beneficiaries and should be creative, have a lasting impact and provide a big “bang for your buck”.

Giving Options: Your group may want to give school supplies and backpacks to children living in shelters or gather thoughtful gifts for care packages for the military.

Build a Bike

Everyone remembers their first bicycle! In this fast-paced small team competition you have the opportunity to provide needy children with this special present. Your group will be divided into small teams and will compete in fun Minute to Win It challenges that test your coordination, dexterity and problem-solving skills. You will accrue the necessary bike parts and tools to build bicycles or tricycles. In many cases, we can present the bikes directly to the children.

Beautification Project

Your team will be given the task of helping to improve a facility. Projects include painting a building (indoors or outdoors) or gardening. You work in small project teams using this experience as an opportunity to learn more about your co-workers, practice communication skills and work towards as common goal. Our facilitators will provide project direction (alongside the community organization) and can integrate short teach-pieces on communication, coaching or leadership skills.

Beach or Park Cleanup

We partner with local environmental organizations to help where most needed in a community. We can choose a park or beach as our finish location for GeoTrek and make it sparkling clean as our final challenge. Similarly if we want to spend the last hour of our Pursuit challenge cleaning up a nearby creek or open space – we can extend the competition to include the cleanup tasks.