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Countdown Team Building Adventure

Discover hidden talents and strengths of your co-workers during our action-packed and fast-paced Countdown team event. These creative challenges, similar to NBC’s Minute-To-Win-It, involve simple household items repurposed into fun activities requiring concentration, a steady hand, visual memory or quick eye-hand coordination. Each team of 4-5 rotates through the challenge stations to practice the techniques necessary for success. While practicing, team members increase their skills through peer coaching and enthusiastic support. Ultimately each team chooses a representative to attempt each of the four challenges during the Competition Round. Finally, the rubber meets the road during the Showdown Round where all teams come together to attempt surprise Countdown challenges. The energy of the audience combined with the intense focus of the contestants makes for a rousing finish.

Accentuating creativity and the sharing of best practices, Countdown is a fun event that invigorates your team members. The enjoyable challenges encourage friendly banter and ultimately increase bonding and relationship building.

Countdown Puzzle Challenge

Fast-paced and fun, Countdown can be integrated into your meeting agenda easily and can be presented indoors or outside at the location of your choice. We recommend Countdown for groups as small as 12 and as large as 500, for all ages and levels of physical ability.

Sample Countdown Challenges

  • Hangover: Create a chain of hangers that balances perfectly.
  • Tape Measure Shot: Transport ping-pong balls along an extended tape measure so they drop into shot glasses.
  • Ka-broom: Work with a partner to catapult and then catch a marshmallow.

Great as a 2 hour stand alone program, Countdown can also be blended with a more intensive corporate training module like Leadership or DiSC.

Sample Countdown Agenda


Form small teams of 4 -5 and participate in a fun and quirky strengths survey to begin thinking in terms of individual strengths and talents. Hand out the challenge instruction cards which include written instructions for each of the Countdown challenges. (10 min)

Practice Round

Teams rotate to the various activity stations to practice each of the four Countdown challenges. Each team has 15 minutes at each station to interpret the instructions, perfect their techniques and allow each team member to have multiple practice opportunities. (1 hour)

Competition Round

One minute is all you get as you vie for points to help your team win. Each person on the team determines which challenge best fits his/her strengths and then they go head-to-head against opposing team members. (20 min)


This conversation focuses on the teamwork skills exemplified during Countdown. We help you connect skills needed to focus intensely on goal achievement, to provide motivating feedback and to coach for positive results back to real world applications. (approximately 10 minutes)

Showdown Round

All teams gather in the general session room to compete in the final showdown round. Teams are randomly assigned a new challenge that nobody has seen or practiced. The competitor chosen by each team is given a few minutes to familiarize himself with the challenge materials and to practice. With audience support and anticipation, the final Countdown challenges are sure to draw cheers and laughter. (15-20 min)