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Build a Boat

Build a Boat Team Building Adventure

Imagine you’re afloat the ocean blue with nothing but a cardboard box and a paddle to get you to shore. During Build a Boat, teams of 4-6 must brainstorm, plan, build and test a vessel of their own making: pontoons, Viking ships, catamarans, skulls, kayaks, ketches. Once built and presented to the other team, the boats are “tested” in open water, and only the successful stay dry. Build a Boat works for groups as small as 5 and as large as 300.

Build a Boat

Why We Recommend Build a Boat for Your Team

  • Build a Boat is highly interactive and portable and can be experienced indoors or outdoors in most bodies of water: swimming pools, lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans.
  • Build a Boat enables latent leadership and engineering talents to emerge and flourish in a positive, team setting.
  • Build a Boat requires both interdependent and independent thinking and execution.
  • Build a Boat challenges participants to be innovative and practical, while operating under tight deadlines.
  • Build a Boat is a tactile experience, and thereby affords learning opportunities for individuals often overlooked by traditional training approaches.
  • Build a Boat is fun and creates a spirited atmosphere.

Build a Boat

Whether your group is learning about resource sharing, cycle time, collaboration vs. competition, or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, Build a Boat is even more effective when combined with corporate training workshops like Team Decision-Making or Communications.

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