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Team Building Adventure Sample Agenda


The group first sets goals about how they will work together throughout the day. Next they learn how to enter coordinates into their GPS (global positioning system) unit, how to navigate, and then familiarize themselves with the charts, street maps or trail maps provided. (approximately 30 minutes)


Participants break into small groups to practice using a GPS device under the guidance of a facilitator. (approximately 15 minutes)


Teams are formed and receive their course and a backpack with supplies, then work interdependently to choose the caches they wish to locate, then follow clues as well as coordinates.

Together they learn that teams often have to “chart new territory” whether in a natural or work environment. If it is a timed event, they'll have to strategize the best way to spend their precious minutes: do they continue searching for a cache, or risk losing points using a clue? Together the teams will make decisions on the fly and adjust their strategy moment-to-moment. (approximately 2.5 hours)

Large Group Discussion

All teams reconvene to discuss what they learned from their experiences during the GeoTrek program. How well did team members learn then teach each other new skills? How were decisions made? How did they deal with frustration? What types of leadership surfaced during the day? How did they handle their roles and responsibilities? Scores are tallied at this point.  (approximately 30 minutes)

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