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Team Orienteering

Your group can explore some of the preeminent forest preserves and state parks in the U.S. while working as a collective force to achieve a common goal should you select this challenging outdoor adventure. Teams of 3-4 learn topographical map reading, compass reading and distance pacing to successfully navigate an orienteering course and find hidden markers.

The discussions during Team Orienteering focus on topics like leadership and coaching styles as well as group decision-making processes. Participants increase their levels of trust and personal confidence as they depend on each other’s newly acquired expertise with maps, compasses and distance-pacing to complete the orienteering course.

Team Orienteering is especially powerful for work groups that must tightly integrate different types of expertise in order to reach their business goals. Some groups choose to swap roles so that participants can practice coaching each other on new skills.

Why We Recommend Team Orienteering for Your Team

  • Participants (especially the “directionally-challenged”) gain confidence in their ability to learn and apply a new skill.  
  • Teams share a sense of accomplishment upon completion, greatly increasing trust and rapport.
  • Each person on the team has a very distinct role, and must work in tandem with the other members in order to locate the markers.
  • It requires different kinds of intelligence than what is commonly accessed in the workplace, for example, being able to read maps, having a strong sense of direction, understanding spatial relationships.
  • The small teams provide a great setting in which to practice communication skills like active listening and feedback.

For ambitious groups, we can intensify the challenge by navigating at night with headlamps or on snowshoes. To further enhance the value of this adventure, try combining it with one of our organizational effectiveness modules like The Leader's Role in Stages of Team Development, Conflict Resolution or Sending and Receiving Messages.

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