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Team Sailing Sample Agenda


Your team receives classroom training about Points-of-Sail, safety concerns and basic terminology before gearing up. Our facilitator discusses the overall objective of the day and what the teams can expect to gain from the experience. Your team then sets goals around “success” and discusses individual roles for this adventure. (approximately 15 minutes)

On-Board Orientation

Instructors provide basic orientation while the crews learn all they can about shipboard roles and responsibilities. (approximately 15 minutes)

Open Water Practice

Crews practice sailing skills, ask questions and strategize for the competition. The crew is then familiarized with the challenges, rules, and course overview. The crew develops confidence and independence during the practice session. (approximately 60 minutes)


Crews rotate through all the roles, so that they get the chance to learn, then teach each other new skills. Depending on the body of water and weather, teams either race or complete an obstacle course. (approximately 90 minutes)

Group Discussion

Back at the marina, crews discuss what they can take back to the workplace from this experience: insights into leadership roles, new perspectives on team dynamics and how better to support each other during challenges. (approximately 30 minutes)

Program Complete

This sample agenda is for a half-day program. It can stand alone, be expanded into a full-day experience or be combined with any of the other team building adventures.

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