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The ultimate problem-solving team building adventure.

Solutions adventures provide meaningful opportunities for bringing complex business initiatives to life—in essence, transforming concepts into tangible experiences that yield greater insights into your workplace issues and business needs.

Working in small teams of 4-5 and outfitted with a backpack full of supplies and a series of challenges to complete, you’ll travel by foot to explore an environment of your choosing in order to better understand the business initiatives most critical to your organization. Your success depends on your team’s ability to gather and synthesize a variety of data, work to a deadline and collaborate.

We have customized Solutions adventures for our clients in a variety of ways: 

  • a food manufacturing conglomerate used Solutions to test new product packaging ideas
  • a national grocery chain used Solutions to understand the client shopping experience and merchandising strategies
  • a cellular phone company used Solutions to secret shop their competitors
  • a luggage manufacturer used Solutions to explore innovation, testing and marketing of products and thereby make design improvements to existing product lines.
  • an international resort chain used Business Anthropology 101 to uncover and explore untapped marketplace niches
  • an international investment firm used Solutions to examine customer segmentation.
  • an insurance company used Solutions to learn more about the customer experience.

This team building adventure can be facilitated at nearly any merchant area (or Zoo!). With minor modifications depending on the site, and significant customization to fit your corporate culture and needs, we can deliver a challenging and enjoyable experience in a stimulating environment.

Solutions is one of our most customized team building adventures so call us to discuss how we would adapt this adventure to fit your industry, company and training objectives.

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