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Corporate Team Building

Team Development Level of Facilitation

Learn and practice soft skills, establish processes and systems to support new behaviors and create action plans for future growth with this level of facilitation.

  • Prior to the program, Adventure Associates will conduct a telephone interview with 2-3 key members of the team to better understand team dynamics, the make-up and purpose of the team and what areas of improvement would best be tackled first.

    Adventure Associates also provides an online Needs Assessment. Once every member of the team has submitted his/her assessment, scores are tallied and reports are run. Note: the Needs Assessment is confidential. Individual responses are not shared with the client--only a summary of the group score.

    The phone interviews in conjunction with the results of the Needs Assessment create a clear direction for the program, and allow our facilitators to customize individual activities within the program to directly answer these needs and fit with current training initiatives or specific themes.

  • During the program, the activities are facilitated with an eye to the results of the Team Needs Assessment, and debrief sessions are structured to delve deeply into the workplace issues.

    The tone and approach of our facilitators depends on the seriousness of the work issues to be addressed and the mood of the group: a group facing major reorganization requires a very different approach than a celebratory sales function.

    Throughout the program, we integrate applicable trianing content and models into the activities and discussions. At the end of the program, we guide a debrief session to capture insights, best practices and individual commitment for improvement.

  • After the program, we organize your group’s notes or action plans, type them up and send them to you. The facilitator notes from individual activities and final debrief comments are sent to you along with recommendations for the next steps your team can take to continue improving their performance.

    We also provide online, downloadable photos of your team building experience. (Note: photos are taken by facilitators during the event when opportunities allow).