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Zoolutions Team Building Adventure

Explore the relationship between R&D and ROI while improving your team’s presentation skills.

Zoolutions provides meaningful opportunities to bring complex business initiatives to life—in essence, transforming concepts into tangible experiences that yield greater insights into your workplace issues and business needs.

Your team is being tasked with an exciting development opportunity. A local company is interested in sponsoring a new exhibit at the Zoo. However, before they donate the $35 million dollars, they want to see a comprehensive quality review and development plan during a presentation about how their money will be spent, and what the public will get for that investment.

You will work as a team to develop a presentation with visual aids. The challenges you are being given will aid you in the research and development of this presentation. Your final task will be to deliver this presentation to the “board of directors.”

Working in teams of 4-5, and outfitted with a backpack full of supplies and a series of challenges to complete, you’ll explore a zoo environment in order to better understand the business initiatives most critical to your organization. Your success depends on your team’s ability to gather and synthesize a variety of data, work to a deadline and collaborate.

We have customized Zoolutions for our clients in a variety of ways:

  • A global biopharmaceutical company used Zoolutions to explore quality processes and plan development
  • A healthcare rating firm used Zoolutions to better understand the creative and collaborative processes.

This team building adventure can be facilitated at nearly any city Zoo. With minor modifications, depending on the site, and significant tailoring to fit your corporate culture and needs, we can deliver a challenging and enjoyable experience in a stimulating environment.

Zoolutions Benefits

  • Zoolutions is a fun, on-the-go, interactive team building program that energizes groups.
  • Participants must collaborate, gather and synthesize information, work to a deadline and interpret data.
  • Teams must organize and prioritize their efforts, allocate time and resources and think “outside the box.”
  • Zoolutions is intellectually competitive so that it’s inclusive of all levels of physical ability.
  • It aligns with company values and interests around customer-orientation, quality orientation, improved efficiencies, cross-functional thinking, and adaptability.

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