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Communication Workshop Using MBTI and The Emissary Process Sample Agenda


  • Build unity between departments.
  • Learn and practice essential communication skills.
  • Practice problem-solving skills incorporating creativity and resource/idea sharing.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Interactive icebreaker to establish mindset for experiential activities.
  • Problem-solving activity to focus on interactions and whether or not they are working well.
  • Small groups develop and rank list of qualities that demonstrate effective listening.
  • Participants practice active listening skills in pairs.
  • Pairs work on sending messages and then discuss individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Trios practice active listening, sending messages and observing using real world topics.

Day 1 Afternoon Outline

Day 2 Morning Outline

  • Interactive exercise to begin discussion of the obstacles to giving and receiving feedback.
  • Large group defines feedback and reviews guidelines for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Self-evaluation with peer input as to feedback skills.
  • Emissary Process: Small teams discuss their relationships with other departments, then engage in a self-assessment and feedback exercise with the other departments.

Day 2 Afternoon Outline

  • Great Creations: Groups subdivide into to build identical halves of a bridge.
  • Teams prepare presentations on findings, new commitments and action steps.

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