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Corporate Team Building


At Adventure Associates, we set out to build relationships with our clients--not just workshops. Whether you are constructing a three-year leadership development plan with us, or introducing your team to a half-day Myers Briggs and Communication module, we work side-by-side with you to develop customized solutions for long-term success.

  • Your facilitator conducts personal interviews with key contacts to illuminate team dynamics.
  • We administer a team needs assessment to measure current team competencies and provide a benchmark against which future endeavors can be compared.
  • Together, you and your facilitator will develop an agenda based on what is uncovered therein and select exercises and interactive challenges that best demonstrate the learning objectives set forth in the agenda, will work logistically at the facility/location of your choice (weather, terrain, room size, outdoor venue), and tie into special themes for your meeting or retreat.
  • Afterwards, our facilitation team drafts training materials and handouts that support the learning objectives set forth in the agenda, are mentally stimulating and challenging, are inspired by a wide array of models, principles, experts and approaches, and tie into existing training initiatives and/or topical books.
  • Next, we deliver your program according to the agenda, while remaining flexible enough to alter the program should the team require so. Developing an action plan by the end of the program is vital because team members delineate those skills and actions they will need to re-create that environment for success in the workplace.

While we do not handle meeting logistics, we will provide direction and contacts if needed for park or facility reservations and lunch orders.