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The Emissary Process: Breaking Down Organizational Silos

The Emissary Process challenges groups to diagnose their own weaknesses and core strengths first, then compare their perceptions with others on the team. Often people discover that they’re on the same page and have similar solutions in mind, but were just too uncomfortable giving "advice" or feedback to others in the group. Seeing how the various departments or individuals fit together and creating a non-confrontational environment of trust erodes territorialism, the belief that they don’t have the authority or "right" to tell others how to do their jobs.

Practicing scenarios in training can translate into real world breakthroughs. Often the structure of organizations, separate locations, different work tracks, varying work hours, can make it hard to work together effectively. Cross-functional teams have more than just physical barriers separating them. While the individuals within might share the same goal, each attacks in different ways, from different perspectives, with different agendas and at different points along the timeline.

Departments break into smaller workgroups and spend time thinking about their relationships with other departments. Each workgroup spends time discussing and taking notes during this self-assessment and feedback exercise. As solutions become apparent through the process, participants gain confidence in their ability to replicate them back in the office.

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