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Teamwork Skills Sample Agenda

Developing a Customized Feedback Process


  • Practice effective strategies for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Create specific guidelines for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Learn how to get back on track when intentions are not met.
  • Engage in activities that reinforce an effective feedback process.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Large group discussion on the components and importance of feedback.
  • Mingling activity that encourages group members to reflect on their own experiences with feedback.
  • Experiential activity to practice giving and receiving feedback.
  • Discussion on obstacles to giving and getting feedback.
  • Using personal experiences and group specific situations, small groups develop guidelines for giving feedback.
  • Small groups develop guidelines for receiving feedback.
  • Participants work in pairs for an experiential activity to reinforce the feedback process.
  • Large group discussion on accountability related to newly developed feedback guidelines.

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