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Every program offered by Adventure Associates has some component of interactivity because while we all learn differently, we all learn best by doing. Experience is the best teacher.

Consider the difference between reading about how to sail and standing at the helm of a J-24...or listening to a lecture about resolving conflict, and speaking directly with a colleague who disagrees with the way you're handling a work situation.

Active participation in our programs requires individuals to use a variety of intelligences: linguistic, physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal, then step outside the activity and look at the experience and their roles in it. We've found that this experiential learning fosters, nurtures and strengthens trust, an ideal environment for groups with varying individual behavioral styles.

In some of our programs, the element of adventure is integrated to further remove participants from their comfort zones, thereby enabling them to take risks both physically and emotionally.The heightened responses when people are engaged in this manner, create a state of "relaxed awareness" within themselves, the optimal state for learning.

Research has shown that risk activities stimulate the release of norephinephrine, a brain chemical that affects the adrenals, making learning an emotional and visceral experience as well as an intellectual pursuit, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.