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Some may say that it is revenue that feeds organizations. However, it’s really feedback. Without feedback from our customers, we can’t make sales; without feedback from our coworkers, we can’t get projects complete. Without feedback  from bosses and direct reports, we are much less effective.

When we believe that somebody’s honest (though biased) feedback is a way to increase our own power and self-mastery, and we address our fear of getting our feelings hurt and seeming vulnerable, we can learn amazing things.

There are four types of feedback: supportive, corrective, insignificant and abusive, each with its typical outcome: behavior repetition, behavior change, little response and contempt. We focus on supportive and corrective feedback in this workshop.

Interpersonal Feedback Skills Workshop Goals

  • Practice effective strategies for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Create specific guidelines for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Learn how to get back on track when intentions are not met.
  • Engage in activities that reinforce an effective feedback process.

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