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Foundations of Leadership: Leader's Role in Stages of Team Development Sample Agenda


  • Discover and practice a leader's role in setting and achieving goals, gaining support, resolving conflicts, motivating team members, and sustaining commitment.
  • Recognize where your organization or team currently stands and choose the appropriate leadership style.
  • Learn to identify team behaviors and respond effectively.
  • Identify appropriate directive and/or supportive coaching techniques to improve team performance.

Four-Hour Workshop

  • Warm-up stretches and answering questions about leadership.
  • Define the word "leadership."
  • Review the Leadership Assessment Results.
  • Facilitated challenge around Directing and Coaching skills.
  • Review Tuckman's Model (forming, storming, norming, performing).
  • Review coaching skills.
  • Facilitated challenge around Collaborator and Visionary skills.
  • Assess team's current stages of development.
  • Small group discussion around group observation forms.