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Organizational Leadership: Social Intelligence for Leaders

Situational awareness (social radar), presence, authenticity, clarity, and empathy are the five hallmarks of the socially intelligent leader and the primary issues you’ll be addressing in this workshop. While Emotional Intelligence helps you to master your own behaviors at work, Social Intelligence helps you to maximize your influence over the behaviors of others.

During this workshop, you and the other participants will examine interpersonal relationships and the psychology of human motivation, while learning how to facilitate team processes with integrity and empathy. Together you will develop a Leadership Charter detailing how leaders will interact with colleagues, employees, stockholders, customers and vendors with an eye toward creating a more socially intelligent organization.

Workshop Goals

  • Review the basic tenets of social intelligence and its role in the workplace.
  • Assess individual levels of social intelligence and draft a development plan.
  • Using authentic workplace simulations, practice exhibiting positive behaviors that will (over time) nurture social intelligence.
  • Analyze the current work environment and the support (or barriers) it provides for social intelligence.

Leadership Agendas

Social Intelligence for Leaders Sample Agenda

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