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Leadership at all Levels Sample Agenda

Leadership at all Levels with DiSC, Team Performance Challenges and Team Orienteering


  • Learn appropriate leadership and coaching techniques for each situation.
  • Build understanding of each others personality styles through DiSC.
  • Refine leadership skills while participating in adventure-based activities.
  • Develop personal action plans that require commitment and accountability.
  • Clarify on an individual basis how each person will "make it happen" by taking full responsibility for their actions and their piece of the process.

Day 1 Morning

  • Interactive pair exercises that encourage mingling and conversation.
  • Discuss Summiting Teams model that examines team effectiveness based on building the foundation to conquering the summit.
  • Share the results of the Needs Assessment and then discuss Leadership at all Levels.
  • Problem solving challenge in small groups that demonstrates Situational Leadership and Facilitative Leadership Tools.

Day 1 Afternoon

  • DISC Personality Assessment review with connection to management approaches.
  • Team Performance Challenges emphasizing personality type, Situational Leadership, Planning, Role Clarification, Goal Setting and Effective Communication.
  • Build awareness regarding Feedback skills by participating in pair discussion and self-evaluation.

Day 2 Morning

  • Team Orienteering at nearby park focusing on effective teaching and learning accomplished by peer-coaching of the orienteering skills.

Day 2 Afternoon

  • Complete a leadership profile and develop personal action plans.
  • Facilitated discussion about Reflection, Intention and Action.
  • Pair exercise to develop Grand Plan for work team.
  • Complete Monthly plans that integrate the Personal Action Plans and the Grand Plan.
  • Team exercise that reviews the importance of planning and effective communication.