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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a Problem-Solving Tool Sample Agenda


  • Understanding of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personal preferences.
  • Learn how different type preferences contribute to the workplace.
  • Experience how different people solve problems using their dominant preferences.
  • Consider the components necessary to solve problems using a structured system.
  • Develop strategies and action plans to effectively maximize different type preferences.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Introduction to MBTI type and preferences focusing on strengths of all types.
  • Self-selection of preference relating to how we get energy.
  • Small group discussion regarding characteristics and value of each preference.
  • Peer input and self-evaluation relating to how we prefer to gather information.
  • Team Performance Challenge activity requiring multi-tasking, planning and sharing of knowledge.

Day 1 Afternoon Outline

  • Group develops visual scale showing the team diversity for how we prefer to make decisions.
  • Small groups discuss how the concept of conflict is defined differently depending on type.
  • Develop strategies for team effectiveness based on competing needs for closure or remaining open to new information.
  • Review MBTI problem-solving model followed by interactive team challenge with observers noting type behaviors.
  • Determine Best Fit (individual type) and develop team type table.

Day 2 Morning Outline

  • Evaluation of team type table with focus on team opportunities and team barriers to success.
  • Problem solving challenge involving coaching, presence or absence of clear communications, roles and managing frustration.
  • Introduce a model that highlights role clarification and solution building.
  • Small group discussion to evaluate team effectiveness in relation to problem solving model components.
  • Team challenges involving trust, up-front planning, flexibility and sensitivity to others.

Day 2 Afternoon Outline

  • Groups rating of team behaviors exhibited in relation to the model components.
  • Action planning exercise highlighting problem solving options for work situations.

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