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Corporate Team Building

Teamwork Sample Agenda

Teamwork Skills and Objectives

  • Learn the value of team identity and interdependence among team members.
  • Develop skills needed to achieve common understanding of institutional values and norms.
  • Define and understand the effectiveness of leadership that emphasizes unity and innovation.

Day 1 Morning Outline

  • Introduction of model providing context for team performance and effectiveness.
  • Fast-paced interactive activity used as a metaphor for looking at team interconnections
  • Discussion of communication model and real-world examples.
  • Active listening communication activity highlighting paraphrasing and asking clarifying questions.
  • Problem-solving exercise designed to show the Stages of Team Development.
  • Large group discussion of each group development stage and relevant communication strategies.
  • Interactive exercise followed by discussion of team process and effectiveness.

Day 1 Afternoon Outline

  • Interactive exercise in which giving and receiving of feedback are practiced.
  • Written self-evaluation exercise about giving and receiving feedback.
  • Interactive exercise designed to demonstrate team interdependence and show skills helpful for achieving common goals.
  • Large group discussion of leadership styles to maximize group performance through unity and innovation.
  • Active Forum action planning process in which participants choose to lead discussion and action on topics within a predetermined theme that have meaning for them.

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