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Trail Venture

Trail Venture A great way to get out in nature while practicing teamwork, our Trail Venture program takes your group on a highly interactive hike with various team challenges along the way. The ant...


Sand Sculpture Challenge

Sand Sculpture Challenge Challenge your team to collaboratively design sand sculptures that wow! Brainstorm, design, and custom–build a sand sculpture to your specifications. It could be a castle...

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Urban Quest

Urban Quest Scavenger Hunt This program is perfect for immersing your team in an urban environment. Based off of traditional scavenger hunts, but with more challenging riddles and interactive puzzl...


Ropes Course – High

High Ropes Course Team Building Business teams use harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes and wooden beams strung 20 to 50 feet high among trees or poles to explore risk-taking, trust and coaching. The ...



Storytelling The original persuasive Communication Tool Storytelling is the time-tested method of engaging, compelling and persuading, and is linked to our earliest cultural traditions. It’s also...

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Zoolutions Team Building Working in small teams outfitted with a backpack of supplies and a series of assignments to complete, you’ll explore a zoo environment in order to better understand the b...

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Team Orienteering

Team Orienteering Explore some of the preeminent forest preserves and state parks in the U.S. while working as a collective force to achieve a common goal. Teams learn topographical map reading, co...

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Deep Dive

Deep Dive Team Building Deep Dive provides meaningful opportunities for bringing complex business initiatives to life—in essence, transforming concepts into tangible experiences that yield greate...

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Get, Set… Go!

Get Set…Go! Team Building In this dynamic and fast-paced adventure, your group will face one surprise challenge after another. Each team is given a backpack with supplies, a time limit and a series...

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GeoTrek Team Building GeoTrek, based on the recreational sport of geo-caching, blends adventure and technology into an exhilarating team building experience. Courses are set primarily in urban sett...


Great Speech

Great Speech Team Building Stories have the power to move us—and your team has a wealth of these inspirational experiences to draw from as you collaborate on a team motivational speech. You’ll ...


Build a Boat

Build a Boat Team Building Challenge your team to work collaboratively to design cardboard boats that actually float. Brainstorm, design and custom-build a vessel of your own making: pontoons, cata...


Build a Bridge

Build a Bridge Team Building Build a Bridge ignites your team’s creative energy as they move through the stages of designing, planning, building, troubleshooting and presenting their prototypes t...


Get, Set… Give!

Get, Set…Give! Get, Set…Give! tasks each small team to use GPS units to explore a city in a fun competition. Charged with devising ways to pay it forward by anonymously giving a treat, fulfilli...


Golf for Goodness Sake

Golf For Goodness Sake 17325 lbs of Food Donated Looking for a day to relax and enjoy a round of golf with your team? Golf for Goodness Sake combines building a mini golf course with the opportunit...


Buildin’ Bikes

Buildin’ Bikes Everyone remembers their first bicycle! In this fast-paced team competition, you have the opportunity to build bicycles for children in the local community. Divided into small team...


Play for the Kids

Play for the Kids This scavenger hunt at a local mall focuses on giving back to the community by purchasing items for kids in need. Small teams search for specific items or participate in shopping ...


Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Team Building Mobilize your team to develop their coaching skills, goal-setting processes and creative problem-solving expertise with this intensive team challenge. Your team m...


Team Sailing

Team Sailing Building a team that can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment ensures your organization’s longevity. Team Sailing is a great analogy for this practice—testing the wind...



Countdown Team Building Discover hidden talents and strengths of your co-workers during our action-packed and fast-paced Countdown team event. These creative challenges, similar to NBC’s Minute-T...



Jumpstart Team Building Want to kick off your next meeting or retreat? Try Jumpstart. This abbreviated version of Pursuit taps into the skills and talents of every team member by collaborating and...



Pursuit Team Building Imagine being able to tap into the abilities and talents of every team member while practicing and applying team process skills. Teams strategize how to acquire the greatest n...

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Team Building Events with enduring value, created to provide unforgettable and meaningful experiences that participants will keep talking about, learning from and building upon. Each is customized to your culture and objectives.

Refashioning of Team Building events to personalize them for each client is an Adventures Associate’s passion and we often blend Corporate Training elements into team building events, providing even greater value and a richer experience.

Whether staged in an exotic setting or one closer to home, these extraordinary events deliver uncommon results, so expect astonishing outcomes. Our skillfully designed events trigger remarkable personal development and leave you with a dramatically more cohesive and committed team, in a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.