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Frequently Asked Questions

Ropes Course

What is the history of ropes courses?

In the early days of World War II, ropes courses were developed as a form of military training that required teamwork from soldiers. The name "ropes course" originates with these early versions that consisted of ropes strung from trees or other structures to create a series of obstacles that provide physical and mental challenges for individuals and groups. Adventure Associates' ropes courses have come a long way from the early days --we have replaced the ropes with steel cables and forged steel bolts, and all of our courses are equipped with high-tech belay devices and safety systems.

Are ropes courses safe?

At Adventure Associates, safety comes first. Our courses are designed, built, maintained and run by ropes course experts. We use state-of-the art safety equipment at all of our ropes course sites. On the ropes course the actual risk is very low. It is the perceived risk that provides powerful experiences that can be used to foster personal and team growth.

What is the difference between low and high ropes course challenges?

During Low Ropes Course challenges, the focus is on the team. These activities draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require the participation and cooperation of the entire team for success.

The High Ropes Course challenges provide further opportunities for teamwork with an additional emphasis on individual challenges. The high elements provide opportunities for participants to expand their comfort zones, sometimes dramatically and to overcome fears that can block personal development and achievement. Adventure Associates' approach encourages interaction on the high elements by having team members control the belay system and provide support for the climbers, which is critical to success on the high elements.

Do I have to be in good shape?

The beauty of Adventure Associates' ropes courses is that everyone can participate, regardless of physical ability or athletic experience. There are no failures on the ropes course. Adventure Associates uses a challenge by choice approach so that each participant measures success by his or her own aspirations.

What if I am afraid of heights?

If someone is afraid of heights, simply climbing a foot or two up a tree can be a major accomplishment and source of pride. If a participant chooses not to attempt an event, we respect this decision and offer other ways in which the person can participate including providing support through belaying, coaching or spotting.

What if the weather is bad the day of our ropes course?

Typically ropes course team building programs will run rain or shine. In the event of lightning or high winds we will take a break to see if the weather clears. Repeatedly participants report that inclement weather actually added to the excitement and level of adventure of their ropes course team building program.

How long does a ropes course take?

We can customize a ropes course for a half-day, full day or multi-day, depending on your needs. Please see our Ropes Course Team Building Sample Agenda.

Where are Adventure Associates’ ropes courses located?

Our custom ropes course programs can be hosted at a location near you. Please contact us for more information at 800-987-5582 or complete our online request for proposal.


Why choose Adventure Associates for an MBTI workshop?

Our qualified staff has several years experience integrating the MBTI theory with interactive learning experiences. Our approach covers a variety of practical applications with the integration of unique interactive activities, which clearly highlight type preferences. Because of the power of learning through experience our approach to the MBTI has a positive impact on teams and their learning.

Is the MBTI a personality test?

No. The MBTI identifies normal and natural preferences as to where we get our energy, how we gather information, how we make decisions and how we present these preferences to the world. Type does not explain every aspect of personality. The word test implies that there are right or wrong answers. The MBTI is a self-report instrument - not a test.

What does "Best Fit" mean?

The best fit type is the type that you find describes you most accurately. The results of the instrument determine your reported type. In only about 60% of cases is the reported type the best fit type. Only after a presentation of the different type preferences by a qualified MBTI facilitator and through discussion and exploration can you determine your best fit type.

If my report shows high scores does that mean I am more skilled in those areas?

No. The MBTI scores describe preference clarity, not skills or abilities. Lower scores simply indicate that the reported type is not as clear and requires further exploration to determine best fit.

How long does it take to fill out the MBTI instrument?

The MBTI form M is the form most frequently used by Adventure Associates. We mail the form to you to be completed and returned prior to the workshop. The form M has 93 questions and should take anywhere from 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

Are people born with a particular type?

According to Carl Jung's theory on which the MBTI is based, we are born with distinct preferences.

Can I change my type?

The theory states that our type does not change over a lifetime. However we can develop the less preferred parts of our personality as life progresses.

Will my type change if I retake the MBTI?

Your reported type may change for several reasons, however your best fit type does not change. It is not uncommon for people to report as they think they should be rather than reporting their natural preferences. Possible reasons for reporting differently are:

  • Your work may demand that you act outside of your preference area.
  • Because of social and cultural biases, we may report a preference that is "preferred" in society yet may not be our preference.
  • Some people's upbringing may have demanded that they operate outside of their natural preference.
  • People may be working on their own type development and may select items that reflect the direction of their new development.
  • People may be experiencing a severe life crisis and may therefore feel confused and disoriented.

Is every ENTJ the same?

Though there will be many similarities with regards to preferences, there is a great deal of variation within each type. The MBTI gives people a framework to understand certain aspects of human behavior, but people of the same type are not all alike.

Meeting Planning

My client is holding a meeting with management and needs team building information with pricing - immediately! Should I forward Adventure Associates' information to them?

It is our preference that you put your client in contact with us directly - we can call them or join you in a conference call or at a sales meeting. We will help your client determine the best possible program or workshop to address their specific needs. We then work closely with you to help provide all of the necessary information and materials. Your client will find the entire process seamless and professional.

My client needs a team building program but only has an hour between breakout sessions. Do you offer Icebreakers or other hour-long programs?

Most of our programs and workshops are offered in a 3.5-hour to multi-day format. Although we do offer Icebreakers and abbreviated programs, they are often in conjunction with another team building program or organizational effectiveness workshop. Please call us for a price quote.

I just received an RFP and my contact is interested in Meeting Facilitation. Do you offer this service?

Yes. Meeting Facilitation is one of several professional services that we provide in addition to Team Building programs and Organizational Effectiveness Workshops. Other popular professional services include: Action Planning, Open Space Technology and Creative Brainstorming.

There is a large convention coming up and the attendees include spouses. My contact would like to provide an event that will involve all 500 attendees and their spouses. Some of the attendees want to do something physical and others do not. Is there anything that you can offer?

Yes. This is a common request. Depending upon your group's specific needs, we can offer a number of programs concurrently that will address each need. We can also custom design a Pursuit or Build a Bridge program, which will provide fun and interactive activities for the entire group regardless of physical ability.

We have a group currently onsite that has decided that they would like to do some team building at the end of this week! Is it too late to organize something for them?

No. In most cases we can deliver a Team Building Adventure or Corporate Training Workshop on short notice.