Corporate Retreats

Top Leaders know that at times nothing is more effective than getting away from it all.

Company retreats can be game-changing milestones that redefine teams, bring out the best in top and emerging leaders, and position organizations to take the next step confidently and successfully. Imagine your next strategic meeting with a clearly defined purpose, free of distractions, effectively executed and encouraging creative participation that is engaging and disciplined.

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Your Corporate Retreat facilitated by Adventure Associates

We partner with our clients in various ways to support their retreat agenda:

  • Team Building events designed to complement your retreat theme.
  • Corporate Training workshops focused on professional development topics including leadership, teamwork and personality type assessment.
  • Facilitation of all or part of your multi-day company retreat blending business conversations with corporate training workshops and teambuilding events.

Executive Retreats: Key leaders collaborating to lead more effectively.
retreatsAn Executive Retreat requires focused facilitation and an in-depth understanding of the issues facing the leadership team and the organization. The level of responsibility held by this group requires solid, honest communication and relationships with a high-level of trust. Executive retreats are strategic and must have a clear meeting purpose. We work closely with you to define the goals of the executive retreat, prioritize the issues and discuss not only the business context but also the human context, to identify areas where the discussion may veer off track.

A few hints to help you get started.
Planning corporate retreats can be a demanding and challenging process, Our Retreat Planning Worksheet has been developed to simplify organizing your thoughts and help you examine the possibilities. And if you prefer to discuss your event with an experienced facilitator, just reach out and let’s talk.

Tips for Planning a Company Retreat

  1. Invite the right people; don’t use a retreat as a reward if it excludes key team members.
  2. Develop clear objectives for the retreat and commit to them in a clearly focused agenda.
  3. Be a good time manager during your retreat; keep discussion on topic and request small groups take certain topics offline if they don’t impact the entire team.
  4. Assign homework before the retreat to make the most of your time together.
  5. Keep an Action List on hand to track commitments, responsible parties and deadlines.
  6. Build a Post-Retreat Follow-Up into your process; future improvements depend on this.
  7. Use a neutral retreat facilitator to allow team members to freely focus on the content rather than getting distracted by the logistics.