Meeting Planners

“Great team! Thoroughly enjoyed working with all the folks in the office and your two facilitators! All the players listened to what my goals for the clients were and the outcome was aligned with all the specifics as discussed.”

– Experient

“I was impressed that Adventure Associates was able to coordinate the active learning of so many participants. The takeaways immediately translated to our work environment. The camaraderie and trust developed during our event has persisted and we are eager to work with Adventure Associates again in the future.”

– Group Travel Resources

“WOW WOW and WOW. The team building was phenomenal! How you managed to get 20 different groups racing around SF and doing all sorts of fun and challenging activities. The organization, staff and materials were excellent. It was a blast and we appreciate all of your hard work and customization to make it work for our group.”

– Red Carpet Events

Partial list of our Meeting Planner clients

  • M30 Productions
  • SiiNC
  • The Last Detail
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