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Personality Preferences in Action

The next time you’re in a meeting, watch carefully and you can see the different preference types in action. We've created a "typical" meeting script based on some of the more common preference types:

The Fieldmarshal: All right everyone, let’s quiet down and get to planning this picnic. You’ve all received the agenda I put together?

The Journalist: I got the agenda, but I was hoping we could brainstorm a list of topics to discuss now that we’re all together.

The Trustee: (Thinks to himself) Does it matter what is on the agenda? We certainly aren’t going to make any decisions.

The Administrator: We don’t have time to brainstorm. I have another meeting in an hour. I thought we were here to talk about Fieldmarshal’s plan for the company picnic.

The Author: I think the picnic will be a great opportunity to meet everyone’s families and really become acquainted with each other.

The Fieldmarshal: Has anyone seen The Artist? (Calls her on the intercom) Why aren’t you in this meeting?

The Artist: I didn’t get the email invitation, so I didn’t think you wanted my feedback.

The Entertainer: I have a concern. What if it rains? Maybe we should scrap the idea of a picnic.

The Inventor: Well, if it rains, we can wear garbage bags and play some board games in the pavilion!

The Promotor: Have we asked the staff to vote on whether or not they want a picnic? I could do a quick verbal tally by walking around the cubicles.

The Administrator: That would take too long. Besides, our budget for this is small, so a picnic will be the most cost-effective approach.

The Pedagogue: (To the Administrator) Thanks for running the numbers for this budget. I think the picnic is a great idea, and no matter what happens with the weather, everything will work out fine.

The Fieldmarshal: Okay, back to the agenda. Item 1: what food do we want to provide?

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