Strategic Planning Support


Instead of advising on or recommending strategic plan content, Adventure Associates facilitated highly interactive processes through which you develop your own ideas. Moreover, the skills you learn along the way provide value well beyond the life of any plan you generate or agreements you make. The hallmark benefits of our Strategic Planning programs include:

  • Maximized ROI of group time together via structured processes
  • Enjoyable visioning and planning processes that go far beyond sitting and talking
  • Actionable next steps clearly identified
  • Highly creative inputs and outputs resulting from effective sharing of diverse perspectives
  • Renewed energy and commitment between colleagues

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Strategic Planning

The more you know the more you can achieve.

Active Forum

The ancient Greek philosophers knew a thing or two about the power of discourse.

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Breakthrough Trek

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Facilitated Meeting

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Hybrid SWOT

SWOT Analysis is a technique used to identify and understand strengths and…

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Planning for Transition

It’s said that three things are true when it comes to change: Some change is good; some change isn’t…

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Facilitation Methodology

Rather than relying on limiting models or external advice, expect highly experiential, elicitive approaches for deriving innovative ideas and achieving broad agreement. Through custom-designed processes, participants leverage their own and each other’s ideas in order to achieve meaningful conclusions and clearly identified next steps. Depending on the scope of a program, the facilitator(s) may provide short presentations along the way, including revealing helpful models, tools, and tips. Most importantly, the facilitator(s) carefully guide participants through reflective discussions aimed at uncovering wisdom and strengths within the group. All contributions are tracked and fed back in the form of a post-program report, followed by additional conversations about strategic follow-through. Key aspects of the methodology include:

  • Non-formulaic; every program is customized to the group
  • Appreciative Inquiry (deriving ideas from factors of success rather than focusing on failure)
  • Inclusive and participatory activities conducive to full engagement
  • Enjoyable and memorable experience
  • Tailored to knowledge, abilities, and interests of team/group


Blend with Team Building

Every Adventure Associates workshop includes experiential (learn-by-doing) activities, regardless of duration. And, in order to prepare for an effective strategic planning process, the following team building modules provide an ideal opportunity for warming up innovative juices while also boosting the rapport and cooperative tone of the group:

  • GeoTrek – This program, based on the recreational sport of geo-caching, blends adventure and technology into an exhilarating team building experience.
  • TPC – Small teams work through a series of activity stations; each takes 30-45 minutes, including a focused discussion about how to maximize individual involvement, plan effectively, and which leadership and participation roles work best.
  • Build a Bridge – This program ignites your team’s creative energy as they move through the stages of designing, planning, building, troubleshooting and presenting their prototypes to the other teams.



We tailor our strategic planning workshops for many types of groups and purposes, including:

Group Type:

  • Leadership Team
  • Group of Leaders (open enrollment – focused on strategic planning skills)
  • Project Teams
  • Geographically Dispersed Teams/Leaders
  • Virtual Teams


  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Retreats