Month: September 2015

Unplugging: The Toll Technology Takes and The Importance of Taking a Break

Unplugging from Technology

Let’s face facts. You’re addicted to your devices. You use these email and social media umbilical cords every day from the earliest hours of the morning to the wee hours of the night. Can you honestly think of the last time you went one hour without checking your email or social media? Was it two hours? A day? It’s probably been a while. In fact, a poll conducted by TIME found that 84% of its readers said they couldn’t go a day without their smartphone, with a full 25% admitting that they checked their phones every 30 minutes–and I’m guessing

Tips for the Perfect Remote Worker Relationship

In today’s business landscape, leveraging remote relationships is a key strategy for success. Whether you have a client on another continent, a freelancer across the country, or even an entire team collaborating across time zones, successfully managing remote relationships is the cornerstone to your organization’s success. Executives, managers and employees shouldn’t gloss over or ignore that fact that remote relationships are very different from in person ones. Embracing the differences can help you formulate a nuanced management plan that will help your modernized business flourish. Begin with these key steps to optimizing your remote relationships:

Multitasking Skills are a Myth

The word “multitasking” seems ubiquitous these days, especially in the business world. In fact, prior to writing this article I did a search for jobs in New York via to see how many of the listed positions included the term – 811 of them did. Unfortunately, despite our obsession with the concept, multitasking is not well suited to human beings, ie you and me. A computer concept applied to people Did you know that the term multitasking was actually first used to describe a capability of computers? In a 1966 issue of Datamation magazine—a riveting read, I’m sure—you’ll find