Month: May 2017

Top Reasons Why Team Building is Important

A lot of managers wonder to themselves about the actual benefits of team building. Barring a few misconceptions about team building, most know that it will be a fun time, but is there something more? If you haven’t participated in a professionally facilitated program, it makes sense that you might be a bit skeptical — and honestly, in this metrics-driven world, it’s tempting to think of the merits of team building activities in measurable ROI. However, I’d ask you to suspend this mentality for a moment and instead think of things that are less tangible but still beneficial: heightened goodwill,

Why You Should Question Assumptions with Your Team

Assumptions are a natural part of life. Despite the negative connotation they often convey — like stereotypes — their purpose is to provide a shortcut to understanding. This can actually be a good thing in many cases, especially when we need to rapidly assimilate information. However, as you probably well know, there can be downsides. Assumptions that are never questioned can lead to serious dysfunction. Organizations often run on a slew of different assumptions that end up being passed down from one employee to another, either explicitly or more indirectly. You’d think more people would ask, “Wait, why do we

Maintenance is Critical for Your Team’s Professional Development

What do fitness bootcamps and Tony Robbins-esque motivational weekends both have in common? Besides, of course, the fact that both give you a metaphorical high – leaving you eager and enthusiastic to change yourself – it’s the fact that their effects can quickly wear off. Kind of like the luster of our New Year’s resolutions, which are lucky to survive all thirty-one days of January. (P.S. – Only 8% of resolutions are kept.) Look, it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s something endemic with to the human species. If we don’t make things a regular practice, they’re bound to fade to the

Get Your Team Outside for a Multitude of Benefits

get your team outside for many benefits

Thoreau may have been onto something with his classic treatise on outdoor life, Walden: getting outdoors is good for us! Here at Adventure Associates, we’ve long known and seen the benefits of facilitating programs in nature. It can do wonders for the mind and for the collective energy of a group. It’s for this very reason that we offer so many outdoor team building options. But while we might anecdotally “feel” like the great outdoors are is good for us, is there any harder evidence for this? As a matter of fact, there is. Increased Creativity Studies like this one