Month: August 2016

Survey Results: What Do Managers Need to Improve the Most? Communication (Infographic)

Well, the results are in, and the most common answer to “What does your boss need to improve?” was overwhelmingly “communication.” In a study with 3000+ participants, the breakdown was 52.5% for communication, accountability in a distant second with 19.9% of the votes, then positivity (12.9%), honesty (9.2%), and work ethic (5.7%), respectively. The study was conducted by Comparably, a company whose mission is to “Provide the most accurate and comprehensive compensation and culture data, to understand employees’ true value and needs to make work better.” They’ve compiled the complete results of their study in the handy infographic below. Being

Top Team Building Myths

Team building is touchy-feely This is a big one, as many of us recoil at the thought of team building due to its sometimes touchy-feely reputation. We cringe at the thought of revealing our innermost truths to our boss and co-workers around a hastily erected bonfire. However, this is a false belief as team building should be based entirely around its namesake – it is about building teams. This comes through creating trust by experiencing challenges as a group while working through the difficulties that arise. Trust, respect, and communication are the pathways to strong teams, not kumbaya circles, group