Our Commitment to Weekly Team Building

100_0717It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we as a team building company believe in what we do, but recently we’ve made a commitment to engage in a new team building activity every Friday. Before this, we had committed to one big outing a year, but we have come to realize how important it is to schedule more regular activities. Not only does it give us further insight into our clients’ needs, but it also strengthens our office as a unit.

Team cohesiveness is like a muscle, one that needs to be exercised regularly to stay in shape. By completing team challenges we can practice working together through difficulties inherent to the business world. While things most often go smoothly, these activities are a great way to unearth opportunities for growth and improvement. By participation, observation, and reflection we come to find out our strengths and weaknesses, something which should really be a lifelong study.

In one of our more recent activities passing a ball around on various pieces of wood and tubing, we observed how we had a tendency to jump into experimenting with solutions before talking it out. While occasionally this approach works, it can be counter-productive for more complex challenges, which more often benefit from some prologue discussion. Upon reflection, we were able to identify some occasions at work in which we approached things the same way. These moments of reflection and realization are invaluable when it comes to team development and work wonders for increasing camaraderie and trust.

So if you’re looking for some ideas for quick team building activities, feel free to check out our PDF with five team building activities you can do during a lunch break. Or get in touch with us to plan a half or full-day event. Otherwise, if you call in on a Friday morning and don’t reach us right away, it’s probably because we’re tackling another fun challenge as a team!

Doug Ramsay

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