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Re-charge your work team post Covid

Conversations with neighbors, friends and co-workers highlight the joy of letting go of the anxiety and apprehension that has gripped many over the past year. People emerge from their homes – some having been secluded in home-offices while others on the front-line revel in a safer work environment. We all want to “go back to normal” however as we consult with our clients we find that nothing is normal and that rebuilding the work team and work environments require consideration and careful planning. A few of the areas that stand out for focus include acknowledging the need for flexibility and

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Virtual Team Building Events

Our work lives have changed drastically these past few months and many are still working virtually. Most companies have curtailed travel for now with connections and discussions taking place via web-based calls. Conversations with our valued clients tell us that organizations are still in flux and decisions about in-person meetings this year have not been made or are subject to change. We know that continuous improvement with a focus on solid communication, work efficiencies and building rapport are paramount. These virtual solutions help you invigorate your teamwork culture and esprit d’corp. Team Building and Professional Development Escape Room for Virtual

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Asking Questions

asking questions

Language is power. It can both clarify or obfuscate, (even both at the same time). Asking the right questions the right way, and at the right time, will forward you in all phases of every kind of work.   Socrates stated that the unexamined life is not worth living. He developed a teaching methodology based on questions. The socratic method is still one of the cornerstones of western thought, consisting of questions designed to elicit critical thinking. Hence the examined life. Epistemologies have multiplied through the centuries branching into evermore sophisticated systems of knowledge. For instance, our scientific method of

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