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Our work lives have changed drastically these past few months and many are still working virtually. Most companies have curtailed travel for now with connections and discussions taking place via web-based calls. Conversations with our valued clients tell us that organizations are still in flux and decisions about in-person meetings this year have not been made or are subject to change.

We know that continuous improvement with a focus on solid communication, work efficiencies and building rapport are paramount. These virtual solutions help you invigorate your teamwork culture and esprit d’corp.

Team Building and Professional Development

Escape Room for Virtual Teams: Your sleuths explore files, videos and graphics and then review and discuss in order to solve the who-done-it mystery. Small teams connect via your conference app to view the clues, virtually visit the scene of the crime and share ideas as they race against time to discover the solutions. 90 min – 2 hours

Virtual Pub Quiz: Teams of 4-6 collaborate from virtual pub rooms to answer questions from a myriad of categories. This contest includes pop culture, geography images, sports knowledge as well as international queries. We will work with you to customize the quiz to your people and culture! 45 min

Mashup Games Online: Play this enjoyable action-packed medley of various puzzles and games with your remote team. We will divide your group into small teams to beat the clock as they progress through the series of tasks. Trial and error, effective coaching and clear communication are keys to maximum fun and success. 1 hour

Facilitation: Each of these virtual team options are led by our Adventure Associates’ facilitator who will provide a high energy introduction, keep the teams on track and manage the remote set-up. We will work with you to include reflection/debrief opportunities that fit with your meeting goals.

Team Development Connection: Many of our clients find that combining solid training with fun virtual activities provides increased learning and value for their teams. Consider integrating Effective Communication Skills, Personality Type or Decision-Making topics.

A printable description of these virtual options.

Our best wishes to you and your team as you navigate next steps.

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