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Distributed Leadership: The Definition and Theory Behind This New Leadership Approach

Distributed Leadership

Many companies are moving away from old structures that involve top-down leadership in favor of a newer approach called distributed leadership. Adding elements of distributed leadership to your organization’s way of getting things done will revolutionize the way your company functions. Distributed leadership can help spread decision-making ability throughout a team, particularly to those on the front lines of the operation. Encouraging initiative and collaboration, this technique allows those closest to the action to make the decisions that will most affect their success. Although it’s common for people to view a single person as the leader of an organization, such

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What is Appreciative Inquiry? (And How Can It Improve Your Workplace?)

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciate Inquiry (AI) is the study of what breathes life into organizations, teams, and individuals when they are functioning at their very best. AI is the brainchild of organizational psychologist David Cooperrider: By definition it rests upon the principle that an organization will grow in whichever direction its members choose to focus and direct their attention. Here at Adventure Associates, we like to use AI in our team building and workshop events to uncover what is working in an organization, instead of solely focusing on what isn’t. Often this focus on strengths can create the type of growth that organizations

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Are you suffering from decision fatigue?

Are you suffering from decision fatigue?

Did you know that if you were a prisoner up for parole, you’re more likely to be set free if your hearing is in the morning versus the afternoon? Well, it’s the truth and it’s due to a phenomenon called decision fatigue. See, deciding to let a criminal go who may re-commit a crime is difficult. It requires a lot of analysis and thought—it’s mentally taxing. As a judge, you want to make a good and fair decision, keeping in mind the rights of the prisoner and the safety of the public. The safe and easy decision is to say

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Breaks: The Counter-Intuitive Productivity Booster

Breaks: The Counter-Intuitive Productivity Booster

It’s official: despite what your whip-cracking boss might think, breaks actually correlate with productivity. At least that’s what a recent survey by productivity software company DeskTime found among the top ten percent of performers. To be absolutely specific, the study found that the optimal work and break intervals were fifty-two and seventeen minutes, respectively.

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Why Face-to-Face meetings will never go out of style

Many of our customers are geographically dispersed and rely on Skype, conference calls and virtual meetings to stay connected. We have been told that our brand of training and team building may soon be replaced by headsets and videoconferencing—that companies can’t afford to bring their far-flung teams together to meet—that some consider spending time together to be a waste of time. We believe the opposite and see the power of the f2f on a daily basis. Memorable shared experience: An adventure, a fun outing or a good laugh all accelerate bonding and build community.

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