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Tips For Thriving as a Multi-Generational Workplace


Today’s businesses are becoming increasingly diverse in age demographics. Baby boomer employees are working longer and Generation Z is making its debut into the workforce this year. Multi-generational workplaces are becoming increasingly common. Maneuvering through the differences that come with a multi-generational workplace can feel like a maze at first, but they provide a great opportunity to learn from one another and thrive in business. Here we’re sharing our best tips for thriving in your multi-generational workplace. Break Down Stereotypes Virtually every generation has been subjected to unflattering stereotypes. For example, Gen Z has no interpersonal skills, Millennials are lazy,

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Real Work Office Design

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In the 19th century, the meteoric rise of global commerce, fueled the need for a white collar “support staff” – a class of the nimble witted, at the ready to sell their skills – examples of these skills included letters to clients, computation, transcription, analysis, records, and of course, promotion. The list of tasks has only grown and mutated from the multiple and long lineages of work as we know it. The physical need to put these workers somewhere, tells us the history of how actual workspace and offices became organized. Who has not seen the photographs from 1910 of rows