Author: Rebecca Tilley
Rebecca brings her background in education and her enthusiasm for teaching to every workshop and team building event she leads. Instead of coffee, she often opts for a chilly dip in the bay with the dolphin club to wake herself up.

Experiential Learning Explained – Definition & Theory (Video)

Experiential Learning Definition – Video Transcript Hi, welcome to Adventure Associates and a short teach piece on experiential learning. Experiential learning is the basis for our team building and corporate training program design. A quick definition of experiential learning – it’s not brain surgery, it’s really simple. Basically, it’s an individual who is learning about a topic by actually doing something rather than passively reading, thinking, or viewing information on that topic. Learning by doing – something that we do every day.

Will my type change if I retake the MBTI®?

There are several reasons why Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® results may differ: People may think their job expects certain behavior. A supervisor or a trainer can give an impression that there is a preferred way to be for that organization before the person takes the MBTI. This can adversely affect the outcome for the individual. An individual is looking for a particular kind of a job and answers the MBTI by choosing preferences that may match the desired job instead of answering in a way that reflects his or her true preferences. According to American culture standards, men are “supposed” to

Why Face-to-Face meetings will never go out of style

Face to Face Meeting

Many of our customers are geographically dispersed and rely on Skype, conference calls and virtual meetings to stay connected. We have been told that our brand of training and team building may soon be replaced by headsets and videoconferencing—that companies can’t afford to bring their far-flung teams together to meet—that some consider spending time together to be a waste of time. We believe the opposite and see the power of the f2f on a daily basis. Memorable shared experience: An adventure, a fun outing or a good laugh all accelerate bonding and build community.