Experiential Learning Explained – Definition & Theory (Video)

Experiential Learning Definition – Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to Adventure Associates and a short teach piece on experiential learning.

Experiential learning is the basis for our team building and corporate training program design.

A quick definition of experiential learning – it’s not brain surgery, it’s really simple. Basically, it’s an individual who is learning about a topic by actually doing something rather than passively reading, thinking, or viewing information on that topic.

Learning by doing – something that we do every day.

There’s a quick model that explains this and the model has three steps – you do something, you reflect upon that action, and then based upon that reflection you make some modifications, and then you do that activity again and hope that you’ve improved.

Experiential learning is used by everyone in our daily lives.

For instance, if you’re a chef and you’re making soup for a big dinner, you could follow the recipe of a cook book, line by line by line, and serve the soup and see how it turns out. Or you could decide to reflect upon it and modify it along the way. What that would mean is that as your soup is simmering, you’re taking a taste, and you’re trying to decide, hmmm, how to I modify this for the group of people that I’m serving this to? Does it need to be a little bit more spicy, a little bit more salty? And that’s how you’re continuing to adapt as you go along.

So why is this important, if everyone is using experiential learning daily anyway? We find that most of us are learning on a subconscious level. And if you want to take experiential learning and make it really affect your business world, you’re going to have to be intentional about transferring those skills that you gained from one experience and transferring them to a different environment.

So, take this information, go out in your daily life and see if you can find ways to intentionally apply experiential learning to your work environment. Good luck and thanks!

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