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The current concern about COVID-19 and bringing our teams together for meetings, trainings, conferences or retreats means that we must operate differently for a while. Let’s not give up on appreciating a team for hard work, collaborating in an enjoyable way in order to build team cohesion or providing much needed (and appreciated) professional development.

remote virtual team building

With the opportunities that technology affords us, many companies and individuals can connect to participate in teaming activities. Use Zoom Video Meetings, Skype, Google Hangouts or Cisco Webex to see and hear each other.

The Goal!

5 Remote Team Building Suggestions

We offer you 5 suggestions for keeping the group engaged, motivated and connected even if it happens virtually.

Trivia Hour: Create a list of questions that cover various topic areas such as entertainment, geography, sports and natural science (and even your company knowledge). Set up teams that can communicate during the exercise (text, slack, etc.). This challenge takes place in real time with only a few minutes given for the answers to be provided. The moderator should have a way to communicate with everyone at once and then can bring the whole group together at the end to share answers and celebrate success.

Lunchtime Team Building: Check out this attachment and know that the activities can adapt to multiple offices of 2-10 people or even to individuals working from home. For example, with the Spaghetti Tower activity, your group can set aside a specific team building hour. Everyone will have to accrue the supplies in advance and then the group checks in to begin the challenge while building energy and clarifying rules and timing. Each person/team erects their creation and presents it via video or photo for the final judging. Bring everyone together again to offer comments, compliments and camaraderie.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: In order to keep up the feeling of teamwork and group cohesion we suggest that the group all participates at the same exact time even if in different cities or offices. Perhaps the group is divided into teams of 3-4 who must collaborate via text or Slack to complete all of the assignments. Give the group a very limited window to complete the assigned photos, provide an upload method and then join together for a conference call to announce winners and connect.

Daily Hits: Find fun ways for everyone to have to participate a few times each day. Basically just quick shots of community. You could send out baby pictures of team members and ask for everyone to guess the identity or perhaps take informal bets on the final score of a March Madness game that night (winner gets $5 coffee coupon). Your team might enjoy solving a riddle or identifying a famous person in a photo or maybe this is an opportunity to learn more about each other by sharing your favorite book title or best birthday party memory.

Professional Development: Teams don’t have to give up on learning about team dynamics and soft skills. Once a tech platform for sharing thoughts and allowing conversation is set up, then it is possible to schedule a training about Effective Communication Skills, Personality Type or Decision-Making.

Do it!

Here at Adventure Associates, we are happy to assist in your planning and presentation of a remote team activity.

Let us all stay connected even if travel and social interactions are minimized while we all do our part to slow down this virus.

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