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360° Insights

Our 360° Insights process is non-confrontational, positive and, dare we say it, fun. One of the reasons is that participants have the chance to do a self-evaluation first. This diffuses the tension for most people. Another reason our approach works so well, is that it’s not a formal face-to-face meeting (which can be emotionally intense), but rather a written process in which everyone gets to see what everyone else writes.

This is particularly valuable for leaders and managers who are seeking feedback from their direct reports, who might otherwise feel awkward offering their thoughts and feelings.

In most organizations, the only formal feedback process is from supervisor to direct report. This has a couple of negative side effects. For one, it reinforces a one-sided relationship between supervisor and direct report. Secondly, vast quantities of valuable information are never accessed because the important element of peer review is neglected.

Giving and getting feedback is not an easy task.  We know that in order to do this work, we must help your group create a safe environment.

It’s important to sort through the feedback and then make some commitments to the group regarding areas to make concerted change efforts. One important part of the worksheet is to get a buddy to support these changes. Without tracking and measurement, changes will most likely not occur. It’s important to let people know that the team will revisit the improvement areas.

Upon returning to the workplace, everyone will feel more comfortable offering ongoing feedback.

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