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Action Planning

Turn your goals or ideas into a plan of action. Working in small teams, groups create a plan with tangible and attainable milestones aimed toward achieving the end goal. Our facilitators help teams clearly define their goals, identify resources and stumbling blocks to success. Through guided discussions, focused exercises and group feedback sessions teams create their own solutions and leave the session energized - with a clear plan to accomplish their goals.


Although the term "brainstorming" often has the connotation of an unstructured, creative free-for-all, in fact, effective brainstorming is a delicate process that requires an experienced guide. If left alone, a group often leaves a "brainstorming session" frustrated - and without the great ideas they desperately need. Quite simply, our facilitators bring out the best in your group. We get participants' creative juices flowing with custom-tailored interactive exercises, which may be a physical challenge or a quick problem-solving exercise. Then we make sure everyone understands the question at hand and help to focus the group's creative energy. We encourage participants to take risks while generating ideas. Typically, the group leaves the session with far more great ideas than they imagined possible.

Adventure Associates offers several alternatives to the old flip-chart and marker method. Each is interactive, productive, and some are even adventurous.